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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre arranged funerals are becoming increasingly popular, as arranging your own funeral can give peace of mind, whilst comforting your family in the knowledge that in the future, all of your arrangements and wishes will be fulfilled.

By taking out a funeral plan you can relieve any worries and/or uncertainties that you may have, ensuring that the costs are secure and your plans have been personalised to your wishes. These also allow your family to add any personal touches if required.

The Robert Harrison & Sons pre paid funeral plan is your own plan, as we offer a tailor made service that suites your own requirements. We will provide the security of a contract with you, as well as offering fair terms and conditions and security of the funds, with our plan being fully guaranteed.

A funeral plan can include:

  • The funeral service - Choose whether you would like this to be in a church, a crematorium, at a graveside, or at another location of your choice.

  • Limousines - For your family and friends and how many should be provided.

  • Notices in Local Newspaper - You can arrange a notice to inform people of your death and the time and date of your funeral.

  • Floral Tributes - You can choose the type of flowers or arrangement you want, such as sprays or wreaths.

  • The Coffin or Casket - You can choose from our wide range of styles and finishes.

  • Other Requirements - You can choose any musical or catering requirements, charity donations or any special individual requirements that you may have.


If you wish to discuss a plan please contact us and we can arrange a meeting between yourself, your family, and our funeral director, 24 hours a day any day of the year.

Your family will receive our personal, sympathetic support and will be provided with advice from our experienced staff at all times.

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